Commercial Security

CSM Security is a leading provider of professional Manned Guarding services, Alarm Response, key Holding, Retail, Event Security and door Supervision Available to all commercial businesses at Competitive rates.

We protect your business so you and your employees never have to lowering the risk to your employee’s and giving you piece of mind knowing that professional security and response specialists are dealing with potentially serious situations on your behalf.

Static Manned Guarding

CSM staff are professionally trained, accredited and SIA licensed. They are professional and customer focused. Wearing highly visible and distinctive clothing creates a reassuring presence at your site and inspires confidence amongst the clientele. We have a flexible workforce across multiple industry sectors providing security solutions to our valued clients in many different variations.

Please speak to our Asset Protection team who will discuss a custom Security plan to give you the optimum security coverage for your required criteria.

Retail Security

Reducing Loss in a retail environment is one of our strongest skill sets.
We can provide fully trained retail guards to your premises (overtly or covertly) to work in partnership with the client to aid in loss prevention and provide reassurance to your customers / visitors that you have their security and welfare at the forefront of your business model.
Fully Uniformed Hi Visibility or covert store detectives are available on a flexible basis depending on the requirement.

Key Holding Alarm Response

By safeguarding a set of keys to your property, CSM are on-call 24 hours a day for any emergency service that you require. Whether Responding to an alarm activation, Patrolling the Premises during Open /Closed Hours for a high visibility crime deterrent or simply letting in a contractor.
All Clients Keys are stored, Coded and unmarked at our key vault or on board our Secure GPS tracked mobile response units, In accordance with regulatory standards namely BS 7984-1:2016, So we can provide alarm response, lost key services and access to approved contractors, all completely safely and with no disruption to your time.

We can provide you with signage for your property to advertise that the building is protected By CSM Security. Displaying this prominently can provide a visible deterrent to would-be criminals and reduce instances of break-ins and Criminal damage.

Our manned control Room responds to alarm calls 24 hours a day. When required, we will deploy a carefully vetted security professional to your premises who can identify the Alarm trigger and assess whether to call the emergency services. In the case of a break in, flood or fire we can arrange for emergency contractors to come and help secure the site. We can deal efficiently with any situation and will not leave vulnerable premises until the client has authorised it or the premises are fully secured. A full incident report is sent back to CSM Control and the Client once the job is complete,

Mobile Patrols/Lock and Unlock

CSM can provide mobile patrol visits at random or pre arranged times to your premises to act as a visible deterrent to possible criminal activity

This can also if required be incorporated in to our lock up and unlock services. At pre arranged times CSM can have our mobile Patrol units lock or unlock your premises buildings or car parks set alarms and sweep and secure any area of your business while also removing the risk of a member of your staff Holding keys out of hours.

Event Security/Crowd Management

CSM Security ensures the safety of audiences and participants from small events to Large scale concerts and Sporting events, we provide support for all sizes and types of festivals, sports and public events. 
Thanks to our experience and high levels of staff and management training CSM are a trusted Partner year after year for large and small event organisers local authorities, Government departments and global business Brands.

Door Supervision

Door Supervision is another sector CSM Security holds ACS approved Status, ensuring we provide the very highest standards in Door supervision and front line operatives.

Our SIA Licensed and Trained Frontline security personnel are in huge demand due to our high levels of performance, professionalism, and flexibility of our personnel. Together with our continued commitment to meet our clients needs. Our expertise and experience enables us to offer continual Management liaison and co-operation with the Client, Local licensing and police.

We offer competitive rates and have extensive resources to guarantee your requirements are fulfilled.

We are highly regarded by numerous Police Forces, Local Authorities, and Licensing departments for working towards reducing crime and disorder in and around licensed premises. CSM has a strong reputation of taking on Security Contracts at troubled licensed premises and working closely with the license holders to turn the premises into trouble free license compliant venues,

We continuously endeavor to meet the Ever changing requirements and needs of our clients. Our licensed male and female door staff are deployed uniformed and well groomed enhancing the safety of customers and staff at numerous licensed venues across North Wales and the North West. All CSM Staff are compliant within the law in relation to the specifics of duties required including search & detection duties, many hold current first aid accreditation’s, with some individuals additionally trained in restraint techniques, and handcuffing skills.
We ensure all our staff attends annual refresher safety training which include control and restraint & breakaway techniques as well as training on vulnerable adults in the licensed and hospitality industry.

CSM service, on-going regular contracts at Many locations including Night clubs, wine bars, pubs, Hotels and music and entertainment venues whilst also meeting various requirements for temporary contracts, or one off parties, and functions. We will advise our clients on both licensing law and regulating requirements to determine staffing levels during our risk assessment of the premises before our operatives are deployed.

Traffic Management

We can offer a full traffic management solution for your event, from car park layouts and installation to road closures, diversions and sign design and procurement. We can negotiate with local authorities on your behalf.

Many events require the supervision of road closures and access restriction; our traffic stewards and SIA Licensed officers implement such measures to enforce the requirements to maintain public safety. Temporary parking locations are staffed and managed by our teams enabling vehicle security and ensuring the parking facilities and traffic flow is maintained.

During the planning stages of any event our Management Team liaise with promoters, Police and the Highways agency to determine the most suitable Traffic Management plans are implemented.

We provide a professional flexible approach to managing temporary car parks and event parking, with our uniformed parking operatives we provide a visible guidance and reassurance to motorists.

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