Residential Security

The protection of your home and property is our number one concern.

CSM Security provides Fast Effective response services to your intruder, fire, and panic alarms ensuring professional protection and help Is on hand for all our clients. Our licensed trained and vetted security personnel and response vehicles are on call 24 hours a day to protect you, your family, and property from any unnecessary risk or inconvenience an alarm activation or intruder may cause.

Key Holding

By safeguarding a set of keys to your property, CSM are on-call 24 hours a day for any emergency service that you require. Whether Responding to an alarm activation, Patrolling the Premises during Open /Closed Hours for a high visibility crime deterrent or simply letting in a contractor.

All Clients Keys are stored, Coded and unmarked at our key vault or on board our Secure GPS tracked mobile response units, In accordance with regulatory standards namely BS 7984-1:2016, So we can provide alarm response, lost key services and access to Clients contractors, all completely safely and with no disruption to your time.

We can provide you with signage for your property to advertise that the building is protected By CSM Security. Displaying this prominently can provide a visible deterrent to would-be criminals and reduce instances of break-ins and Criminal damage.

Alarm Response

Installing a new alarm is a great first step to securing your property. Alarm monitoring services will let you know when your alarm has been activated So let CSM Mobile response Units respond to the call we offer a professional, rapid-response team who quickly arrive on site to address any situation Taking away the Risk of The client arriving to a possible robbery in progress in the middle of the night.

Our manned control Room responds to alarm calls 24 hours a day. When required, we will deploy a carefully vetted security professional to your property who can identify the Alarm trigger and assess whether to call the emergency services. In the case of a break in, flood or fire we can arrange for emergency contractors to come and help secure the site. We can deal efficiently with any situation and will not leave vulnerable premises until the client has authorised it or the premises are fully secured. A full incident report is sent back to CSM Control and the Client once the job is complete.

Vacant House/Premises Checks

On Holiday or Have a Holiday home, CSM can provide external and perimeter checks as well as thorough internal checks of your property to ensure your premises is safe and secure during the vacancy. We tailor-make this service for each site to include other services such as reading meters, checking for water damage and reporting on any littering, graffiti or other criminal damage as well as a full report of premises visits any findings and advisory notices.

Lost Key Access

In the unfortunate event of losing your keys, finding yourself locked out or your key holder being absent , CSM Security will meet the registered Lost-Key nominee on-site to provide access to your premises.

Ad-Hoc Access

CSM Are available to provide access to your premises for any eventuality including deliveries family access or contractor and trades access.

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